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GNU Screen shortcuts

December 18, 2008 1 comment

I got tired of having a bunch of xterm windows running around on my Aspire One, so i decided to try GNU Screen. The Aspire One uses Linpus Linux , to install it all i had to do was :

sudo yum install screen

after the reboot i tried running screen but nothing happened (or so i thought). well time to jump to the web and find out…. a few minutes, and a couple of links later i found out that when i run screen nothing is supposed to happen ( nothing apparent at least), and all i had to do was start using it.

So here are the bits of information i gathered:

Screen uses the command “Ctrl-A” as a signal to send commands to screen instead of the shell.

Here are a few commands i found usefull:

  1. C-a c  – Creates a new screen shell where you can run your commands
  2. C-a n or C-a p – Move to the next or the previous screen
  3. C-a ” – List the existing screens
  4. C-a S – Split the screen in two
  5. C-a TAB – Switch between split screens
  6. On a  given screen terminal run “screen command name”  – opens a new screen running the given command and names it “name”


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