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Why I Hate Weblogic Integration

December 22, 2009 1 comment

This is a running post, as i go along with my current task of trying to use WLI i’m pretty sure i will be adding items to this list:

  • WorkShop – What a bloated and buggy piece of crap. This is probably the worst part till now.
    • I guess its too much to ask for a software to give reasons for not working but eh, here are some i have found:
      • Don’t put your workspace on a path with spaces or strange letters(like รณ)
      • If trying to create to create a task plan workshop refuses to responde to next your trying to create the plan in the wrong folder
  • Transformations – grrrrrr… trying to debug these things is the worst thing i’ve had to do. want to know why? because i can’t…
  • It’s really hard to understand why we should even use this crap, and why do people around the world actually consider this as added value….