Update 14-02-2012
This project has been abandoned due to several constraints (time, problems with Mono and gtk#)

Piculet is(or will be at some point in the future) my own Twitter/Facebook client (actually it will be when i get around to implement it all), it will be written using Mono and gtk#.

I don’t intend to introduce anything new with this, most features can probably be found in the many twitter applications.

The main drives to develop Piculet are :

  • The challenge in developing using Mono and integrating with Twitter/Facebook;
  • I’ve been looking for a Group feature in desktop Twitter applications, AFAIK only TweetDeck has this. Unfortunaly TweetDeck uses Adobe Air, which for me is a deal breaker.

Some clarification on the name

The first name i thought off was taken in twitter apps, so the adventure to find another one started. I wanted something to do with birds and tried alot of ideas, and i ended up with this one. Quoting from wikipedia:

The piculets are a distinctive subfamily of small woodpeckers.

Main Features

  • Group Tab;
  • Warning about new followers, new Direct Messages, loss of followers;
  • Seamless integration between twitter and facebook

Main Dificulties expected

  • OAuth Authentication;
  • Client side data acomodation;
  • Timed Tasks;
  • Group differentiation;

Unexpected Dificulties

October 15th 2009

I clearly did not antecipate to be stopped in my tracks due to monodevelop….. As of October 15th all development stopped because MD simply freezes randomly on me, sometimes 5 minutes into the session, which is a pain in the ass. I’ve tried going through the mailing list, the bug report (only thing i was told is try the beta, i then asked how to get the beta for fedora without going through svn and …. well im still not working so you get the drift). So as of now im just waiting till i actually get the time to sit down, dowload the svn repo of MD 2.2 Beta and compile it…

January 28th 2010

Well with all the work pilling up i’ve yet to find the time to pick piculet back up, but a few weeks ago MonoDevelop 2.2 became stable and i will be trying this version out for a spin soon enough. Also decided to integrate facebook into Piculet as well. No notes on this as off yet, will be wrapping up the twitter communication base first.


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